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Tintin Collection The Adventures of Tintin 8 copies

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A full set of 8 hardcover editions of The Adventures of Tintin, allowing children to see more exciting stories in their childhood

Book Information

Author: Herge

Hardcover:  192~223

Size: 16.5*14*24.1

Publisher: Egmont Book

Reading level: 7-16 years old

Language: English


This set of "The Complete Adventures of Tintin", a full set of 8 books, is a must-chosen masterpiece by Tintinmi. It collects 22 "Ding Ding" storybooks created by Hergé, as well as Tintin & Co. (ie "Ding Ding and Friends". This book records 12 "The Adventures of Tintin", including Ding Ding himself, the captain, the professor, and Bai Xue. The character prototypes in "include real-life photos, cartoon pictures, and author manuscripts. For Ding Dingmi, it is a valuable material worth collecting.)

The book tells about a young journalist named Tintin and his loyal partner-Milu the puppy, and his partners-Captain Adok, Professor Sunflower, detective DuPont and DuPont brothers, traveling around the world together , Punish evil and promote good, a wonderful story of adventure and adventure.

Since its inception, "Ding Ding" has accompanied readers all over the world through a reading journey of 80 years, and has been loved by people all over the world for its immortal artistic charm. Over the past 80 years, this work has been translated into more than 70 languages ​​around the world, and the sales figures have exceeded 200 million copies, spreading across all continents of the world.

It can be said that "Ding Ding" has affected many generations of children of different skin colors and different nationalities. They accompany them to travel the world together, increase their knowledge, and grow up together.

In 2010, the China Children’s Press and Publication Corporation and the Belgian Casterman Publishing House once again cooperated strongly. Based on the original French books, the most well-known experts and scholars in China were invited to complete the latest translations, dedicating an authentic taste to Chinese readers. The gluttonous feast!

About the Author

Hergé was born George Remy on May 22, 1907 in Brussels. At the age of eighteen, Hergé graduated from high school and joined the "20th Century Daily". At the same time, he published his first series of works "Dreamy Patrol Captain Toto" in the "Boy Scouts" magazine. The protagonist is an adventurous scout who is also the prototype of Tintin. Later, Toto's identity was changed to reporter and his name was changed to TinTin. In order for readers to leave a deep impression on this character, he added a pinch of yellow hair that is always upturned to Tin Ding's head and gave him a clever and cute dog. The dog's name is the name of her lover: Miro. In the later English version, the dog was renamed "Snow".

"The Adventures of Tintin" was created quickly in a 15-month cycle. Tintin went to the Congo, America, and Egypt, attracting readers with a strong exotic atmosphere. In 1934, Hergé started the creation of the famous "Blue Lotus". Since then, Tintin is no longer just a tour guide showing the wonders to Westerners, but has become a friendly, painful, courageous, wise and just. Image. It was also from "Blue Lotus" that Hergé combined Chinese line drawing techniques in his paintings. Established his own style. More importantly, "Blue Lotus" enabled Hergé to completely get rid of Westerners' prejudice against other civilizations, and began to portray other civilizations with an equal and open mind, and will use freedom, liberation and equality in future creations. Unchanging theme. From 1929 to 1985, these 56 years were the 56 years of Ding Ding's continuous adventures. It was also the 56 years of Ding Ding's cartoons from character image to artistic achievement, to ideological connotation, growth and development.

On March 3, 1985, Hergé died of anemia, and Tintin's ongoing exploration in the art world was forced to end.